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Code of Conduct

Minimum standard of service offered by a member of the NZ Pet Crematorium (Inc) Association.


1. In dealings with a client, member firms will do everything in their power to ensure a standard of conduct beyond reproach or criticism.

2. No gratuity in cash or kind will be made to solicit business, and no one should cause or allow any action within a member firm which by deliberate promotion or other means would be calculated to attract business unfairly.

3. All pet remains will be dealt with to ensure an acceptable and safe standard of hygiene.

4. Members’ advertisements will be dignified and in good taste.

5. Confidentiality will be preserved at all times and furthermore the details and/or circumstances regarding the deceased pet will not be divulged.

6. In the best interests of everyone, members will be loyal to the Association, its aims and objectives; be active in its work, make every effort to assist the development and progress of the profession, and willingly share within the Association the benefits of their experience, and conduct their business so as to avoid controversies.

7. The cremator shall not be used for the destruction of any other matter at the same time/or in with pets whilst pets are being cremated.

8. When a member is charged with unethical practices, or actions prejudicial to the good reputation of the association, that member will place all pertinent facts before the executive of the Association or its subcommittee in writing for investigation and decision.

Rules of Association

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