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Welcome to the
NZ Pet Crematorium Association

-Setting the standards for Pet Cremation.


Who are we?

We are the only organisation in NZ setting standards for pet crematoriums. We aim to protect the pet owner and ensure their pet is handled the way they expect. Our membership is made up of genuine pet crematoriums.


How do standards protect pet owners?

We know from letters we receive that people expect a certain service when they hear the term pet cremation. They immediately think of the human equivalent. Therefore, we set our methods of working to reflect this. When the term cremation is used it should cover the whole process – dignified handling and the actual operation of cremation. An owner needs to be confident that they have their pet’s ashes back.


But doesn’t this happen already?

No. Unless a crematorium is one of our members all kinds of systems may be used to cut costs and increase profits. A pet owner’s image of how their pet is treated can be very different to the reality. They often pay for a service they do not receive.


But most people arrange the cremation through their vet. Isn’t that a guarantee?

Again, No. Some vets seem to think that all pet crematoriums are the same. Therefore they may use whoever gives them the best deal, particularly if it involves a cheap way of collecting their veterinary waste. Unfortunately there is usually a reason why a service is cheap and things are not always what they seem. Pet owners trust their vets to take care of their animals when they are alive and put their trust in the vet to look after their pets when they die.


But what if our vet does not use one of the members of the NZPCA?

We encourage all vets to carry out a review and “sell” their services correctly. This will enable pet owners to know exactly what they are paying for and can choose to use their vet or go elsewhere.


But if the people are kind and the ashes are well presented isn’t that an assurance?

We are sorry but no. Yes, that is part of the cremation process but it does not mean things are correctly handled behind the scenes. Testimonials are no use either. At the moment the only test is membership of our Association. Our members give an assurance they follow the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.

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